This great fryer from Carrefour and Amazon will be on sale on Black Friday

The air fryersIn short, they are a healthy alternative to conventional fryers, since the food introduced is cooked by being subjected to a constant flow of very hot air that circulates evenly inside its tray, instead of by frying it in abundant oil. Now that you know how it works, you should also know that Carrefour sells one of the best air fryers on the market, which will be on sale this Black Friday like all their products.

Carrefour He knows very well that frying with hot air instead of oil provides more health benefits, and for this reason we can find a large number of fryers of this type in his catalogue. Next, we will describe in great detail one of their best models of air fryers, which we are sure will convince you. You also have it available in Amazon, and at a cheaper price. Discover it and you will see!

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Philips Airfryer Essential HD9200/90 fryer: one of the best in Carrefour

It is a very powerful air fryer, because its maximum power is 2,000 wattswhich basically means that there is no fried food that can resist it. Its design is quite ergonomic, so it is very easy to handle: it has an on/off switch, an LED screen through which you can monitor the cooking process, a time control and a signal that will notify you when the dish is ready . For greater comfort, in addition, this appliance will automatically shut off if you have not used it for a considerable time.

The great Philips air fryer that will be on sale this Black Friday. Seize it!

Its maximum capacity is 6.2 liters, which means you can fry a large amount of food in one go. If you don’t know what to prepare, don’t worry, because this air fryer is available at Carrefour It comes with a very complete recipe manual.. Not only that, but it is such a modern model that it allows you to program the recipes you want to prepare through your smartphone with the NutriU application. From there, you can select the dish you want to make from the sofa in your living room, and the machine will start up. Finally, its original price is 115 euros: a fairly reasonable price for all that it offers, but be attentive or attentive this Black Friday, because this spectacular fryer will be cheaper in Carrefour.

On Amazon, this Philips deep fryer is more affordable

The Philips Essential Airfryer, without a doubt one of the best air fryers on the market, is also available on the gigantic online marketplace. Not only that, but also it will cost you less money than in the French chain Carrefour. Black Friday started early on Amazon, specifically a week earlier, and that’s why today you can get it for only 79 euros. Take advantage of this opportunity! It is a real bargain that is not so common to see!

Philips Essential Airfryer - 4.1 L frying pan, Oil-free fryer, Rapid Air technology, NutriU recipe application, Time and temperature control, Black (HD9200/90)
The best Carrefour Philips air fryer is also available on Amazon, and at a cheaper price

When does Black Friday start and end at Carrefour?

Carrefour Black Friday will take place on November 25, 2022, last Friday of November as is tradition. This year, in addition, the French supermarket chain will also celebrate Cyber ​​Monday, focused mainly on electronic products, on Monday, November 28. That day you can take the opportunity to buy all kinds of very useful electronic devices, such as: laptops, tablets, mobile phones, image and sound devices, etc. Take advantage of Black Friday at Carrefour this year!

Carrefour fryer Black Friday offer
Carrefour will sell one of its best fryers at a discount this Black Friday

The main benefit of an air fryer

We imagine that you already know, but in case you still do not have it clear, an air fryer allows you to enjoy your favorite fried foods even when you are on a diet. Spectacular, right? In the end, what makes a fried dish fattening is the large amount of oil that is usually used to prepare it, but with an air fryer that is over. Having said that, We highly recommend this model that is on sale in Carrefourbecause it is also very easy to use and transport.

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