Jennifer Lopez in Qatar; she ripped her dress and was on video

Jennifer Lopez in Qatar; she ripped her dress and was on video
Jennifer Lopez in Qatar; she ripped her dress and was on video

The name of the singer occupied the headlines of the world press after Jennifer Lopez introduced her daughter Emme with inclusive language during a concert in which she invited her twin on stage to sing with her.

And it is that this would not be the first time that “the diva from the bronx” called her daughter on stage to perform a song together, just as she did in the superbowl; At that time, the 14-year-old daughter also demonstrated her talent for music, thanks to the genes of her mother and her father, the singer Marc Anthony. So he decided to accompany his mother in her presentation during the LA Dodgers Foundation Blue Diamond Gala.

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It was there that Jennifer decided to talk about her daughter, but referring to her with an inclusive language, that is, she did not say “she”, but “she” and so on.

“The last time we performed together was in a great state like this and I ask you to sing with me all the time. So this is a very special occasion. She is very busy, I fill her agenda with reservations and she is so good, it costs me a lot when she goes out, but she is worth every penny because she is my favorite board member of all time, ”said the singer, having next to her to her daughter.

The truth is López has been from concert to concert, because after that presentation he performed a concert in Qatarwhere he ended up having a slight accident with his wardrobe, because after performing some dance moves ‘The diva of the Bronx’, ended with her pants torn in the back.

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The event was recorded on video and even she herself shared it on her social networks, as it was on Instagram, where he published the clip accompanied by the song “Oh no de Kreepa” that they usually use for videos where something unexpected happens, such as the opening of their leggings. However, JLO showed his professionalism and continued to enjoy his performance singing and dancing.

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Of course, the moment did not go unnoticed in the eyes of the fans who noticed the locker room accident, which is why they began to record the actress and on social networks they commented on it a lot and even criticized the incident.

However, what they did not count is that that last message where they assured that even someone was going to be left without a job, referring to the singer’s designer, will not happen, because as he showed on his TikTok, Jennifer took the incident in a rather funny way, so much so that she shared it on her profile and the video now has more than three million views, close to 300 thousand ‘likes’ and more than two thousand comments on the publication, without a doubt a sensation.

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