Natti Natasha’s daughter took her first steps in prison

Natti Natasha’s daughter took her first steps in prison
Natti Natasha’s daughter took her first steps in prison

It is no secret to anyone that, for the Dominican Natti Natashathings have not been easy since she had to face the distance she maintains with her partner, producer Raphy Pina, after he was imprisoned for being found guilty of illegal possession of firearms.

Since then, Natti Natasha has been seen somewhat away from social networks, even when it all happened choose to delete all their posts on their profiles as if in this way she was showing her fans the sadness she felt at the decision made by the Court and that, even, the singer confessed at that time the anxiety that the incarceration of her daughter’s father caused her.

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“I am not going to deny that it gave me anxiety… I feel that right now is a time to only show the positive, to focus on work, to thank God for the good things that are happening, because within everything we have many blessings” , he commented referring to his little daughter.

For now, for the first time the Dominican and her little girl were able to see Pina in prison, something that was really emotional and that Natti wanted to show on her social networks, showing, in additionSo, at that precise moment the baby had started to walk alone, just during her dad’s visit.

“I want you to know that yesterday, finally, for the first time, Vidita and I were able to see the cutest daddy on planet Earth. We got to see Raphy and guess who started walking on her own”, the singer began.

“Yes, Miss Vida Isabel, without holding on to anything. Smiling, playing, in front of her daddy… it was one of the most exciting moments of my life, i would say a perfect moment”, ended by telling the artist who was seen quite excited by the event.

The truth is that the interpreter of ‘No pajamas’, some time ago, had shown the way in which she managed to visit her fiancé, even if it was from a distance, Well, the singer showed that she had a date with him every night at the time she passed out of prison and he kept looking towards the window that gave onto his partner’s cell to pray for his speedy departure.

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And it is that the music producer and manager was about to leave to be granted the house by jail; nevertheless, the judge in the case ruled that he was a danger to society and that he could run away from home at any timefor which, even, he was transferred to another penitentiary center in which he is currently.

“I appreciate the hundreds of letters you have sent showing affection. Due to the high traffic of the same, possibly many will be returned. Thank you, again, possibly in several weeks I will be transferred to another institution outside of Puerto Rico, so after June I may not receive it, ”said the manager and close friend of Daddy Yankee, some time ago. who has even used his social networks to support Pina in the midst of his despair at being locked up in four bars when he has wanted to declare himself innocent on more than one occasion.

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