The new variants of covid 19 that frighten the entire world

The new variants of covid 19 that frighten the entire world
The new variants of covid 19 that frighten the entire world

Last Wednesday, China presented a new increase in covid 19 casesso he announced total isolation for five days eight districts of the city of Zhengzhou. Likewise, reported the emergence of two new variants: Hellhound and Nightmarewhich have generated great uncertainty and panic around the world.

The health authorities will begin a “war of annihilation, control and pandemic prevention” on Friday at 12 pm local time (4 pm on Thursday) in the main urban areas of the city due to the increase in covid cases, the local government reported.

Residents of central Zhengzhou will require a negative covid test and permission from local authorities to leave the confined area, though they are advised not to leave their homes “unless necessary.”

The reactions to the news on the country’s social networks, such as Weibo – equivalent to Twitter, censored in China – were instantaneous and the majority questioned that the closure would only last five days.

“If you tell me half a month, I can still believe it, but in five days it’s a dream,” said one of the most valued comments from an Internet user on Weibo with the experience of almost three years of pandemic and similar communications.

“I saw many young people going home with luggage before the Zhengzhou lockdown, and one young man told me that he didn’t think it would break in 5 days so he went home for the new year,” another account stated, in a situation that is similar to that experienced in the hours before the first closure of the city of Wuhan (center), the supposed origin of the pandemic, in January 2020.

On the other hand, the WHO announced the emergence of the two new variants that are being investigated by scientists around the world and that are circulating mainly in Europe and Asia: Hellhound and nightmare.

As for Perro del Infierno, the organization reported that it is the variant BQ.1, a descendant of Omicrom. It has been detected in more than 65 countries and represents 16% of current cases.

With regard to Nightmare, the WHO assured that the outlook is much more uncertain. Until now, It has not generated a great impact and its origins have not been accurately determined either.although scientists advance the respective investigations.

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