Bad Bunny causes SCANDAL by kissing a fan | VIDEO

Bad Bunny causes SCANDAL by kissing a fan | VIDEO
Bad Bunny causes SCANDAL by kissing a fan | VIDEO

bad bunny continues to collect hits around the world, the most recent being the gigantic concert held at the Choliseo in Puerto Rico, where he joined with important names in urban music to give a memorable show to the attendees, both in the venue and in the rest from the city.

As part of the celebration for a great show, bad bunny decided to attend a party to commemorate the good moment, what he did not know is that he would end up being on the radar of his followers, who have been surprised through social networks to see that a fanatic I would have “stole a kiss” from the singer.

From that moment, three different videos have been found, and only in one of them can it be affirmed that the fanatic was the one who kissed bad bunnysince in the other two videos the speculation is created that it was not the fan, but Bad Bunny himself who took the first step and decided to kiss said woman.

In the first of these videos, the “bad rabbit” is seen approaching the woman, when she turns her face to give the Puerto Rican a kiss; before it, bad bunny he is surprised and walks away a little, to which the woman can only say “oops”, with which the singer reacts with a smile and continues on his way.

When most of the followers were already drawing their conclusions on the matter, another video came out that began to go viral on social networks. In it you can see a different story than the facts of the stolen kiss.

In a new perspective, and in a video taken with the same cell phone as the fanaticyou can see that the singer turns his face enough to give the fan a kiss.

After that a third video has come to light, which seems to have been recorded a few minutes after the first two; in it you can see a man from behind, but who shares clothing and accessories with the singer, who is passionately kissing the fanatic in question.

After the three videos released on social networks there has been no more evidence of what really happened that night, but there have been many fans who have criticized the woman for not respecting the space of bad bunnybut many others who say that the situation has been totally different and that it has the intention of both.


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