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The series on Jeffrey Dahmer continues to give something to talk about. With its 10 episodes among the most watched on Netflix Peru, netizens learn unpublished details about the cannibal who killed 17 people and what his fate was after his life sentences.

In chapter 1 and 7 of “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” we see that Tracy Edwards escapes before being killed by the killer. After running into police officers, he accuses the cannibal of attempted murder.

Later, the officers are seen investigating the killer’s apartment and Remains of Jeffrey’s victims found in various parts of the place. Glenda Clevelandher neighbor and who on more than one occasion warned about what was happening, complained to the police for not paying attention to her.

Glenda Cleveland in “Dahmer.” Photo: Netflix

What did the police find in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment?

Beyond the human remains, the fiction exposes that Jeffrey Dahmer took photos of his victims, the same polaroids that were found in real life in his apartment. In total they found 74 explicit images of his deceased victims.

According to The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology Dahmer took the photos as samples of what he had done.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was credited with 17 deaths in total. In 1992, he received 16 life sentences as sentences. In 1994, he was murdered at the Columbia Correctional Institution by Christopher Scarver, his fellow inmate.

What happened to Glenda Cleveland, the neighbor who exposed Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes?

Glenda Cleveland reported to the authorities that a teenager, victim of Jeffrey Dahmer, tried to flee from the murderer’s house. Two months later, Milwaukee’s cannibal was arrested. Photo: Composition/LR/Jazmin Ceras/AFP/Milwaukee Sentinel Journal

After the arrest of the Milwaukee cannibal, Glenda Cleveland lived in her apartment, located in the building next door to Jeffrey Dahmer’s until 2009.. After several decades living in the same place, Cleveland moved to a house close to his previous location, where he died in 2011 at age 56.

The day Tracy Edwards met Jeffrey Dahmer

On July 22, 1991, Edwards was at a bar with his friends when Jeffrey Dahmer approached them and made a proposal. Tracy he was the only one of the three men who agreed to go to his apartment for 100 dollars.

Jeffrey Dahmer and Tracy Edwards. Photo: YouTube capture

Back then, 32-year-old Tracy didn’t know what awaited her in the house of a serial killer. Dahmer handcuffed him and took out a knife to violate him, but the young man inadvertently managed to hit the criminal and ran out of the place.

What was in Jeffrey Dahmer’s refrigerator?

As is known, the capture of the serial killer was made possible thanks to Tracy Edwards, a boy who was about to be his next victim. He alerted the police about Jeffrey and consequently his apartment became the main crime scene.

When the agents arrived at the scene, they never imagined what they would find: Dahmer’s refrigerator was full of human remains.

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