Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies at 60

Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies at 60
Depeche Mode keyboardist Andy Fletcher dies at 60

Once again, the world of music mourns the departure of one of its icons. Depeche Mode confirmed the death of keyboardist and founding band member Andy Fletcher. At the age of 60, the legendary artist who had been with the group for four decades leaves.

It was through his Twitter that the group discussed the unfortunate news. «We are shocked and filled with enormous sadness at the passing of our dear friend, family and bandmate.a, Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher,” they wrote.

“Fletch had a true heart of gold and He was always there when you needed support, a conversation or a laugh.” the band continued in the statement that shocked fans. For now, the details of his departure are unknown.

Through social networks, fans quickly they began to mourn the sudden death of Andy Fletcher. In addition, they shared their tributes and messages of support for the band and their families at this difficult time.

Andy Fletcher dies at 60

This May 26, the unfortunate news of the death of Andy Fletcher. The musician, known for being one of the founding members of Depeche Mode, died at 60 for reasons that have not yet been established.

In 1980, Andy Fletcher, Vince Clarke, Martin Gore and Dave Gahan formed Depeche Mode after a history of seventies bands. Inspired by bands like The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Kraftwerk, the Human Leaguethey began creating synthpop classics.

Over the years, Andy Fletcher’s role has changed in Depeche Mode. The musician constantly joked that he did not have a permanent position like his peers. Nevertheless, This was considered as the one who united them and helped in the most difficult moments.

In addition, the artist had a great interest in music industry as such. In fact, since the band had no manager, it was he who handled many of the group’s legal matters.