Aespa’s Winter could be dating BTS’s Taehyung, says Sojang

Aespa’s Winter could be dating BTS’s Taehyung, says Sojang
Aespa’s Winter could be dating BTS’s Taehyung, says Sojang

In a video published last Sunday, July 10, the Youtuber Sojang criticizes the recent behavior of Winter of Aespa on his cell phone, and more specifically focuses on the episode of the K-Pop group “omniscient interference” in MBC aired on Saturday July 9.

In this video titled “Controversy over aespa Winter’s attitude during the broadcast, scenes in which she is caught leaving“, the Youtuber shows in video evidence of the idol’s performance during events with the other members of the group.

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Yesterday, aespa appeared in a program that revealed his bedroom. Among the members, Winter seemed unable to put down her cell phone during the broadcast. Out of the 4 members, Winter was the only one who did that. Even though the show was heavily edited, there are so many scenes of Winter on her phone… Winter has been strangely obsessed with her phone. Unlike the other members who greeted her fans at the airport for her US performance, she waved her hand and went to her phone.Sojang said.

When Winter is on her phone, she doesn’t scroll down to browse the web, but she continues to type and contact someone. Even when aespa was walking on stage, she could be opening the KakaoTalk app. She does not do it. There is no point in carrying your cell phone with you when she is filming on stage.“.

She has to put down her cell phone to dance anyway, but it’s not the right attitude for a celebrity to flaunt dating while filming a show. What’s more shocking is that Winter, who didn’t let go of her cell phone during filming, hasn’t sent a ‘bubble’ message to her fans recently.“.

On the other hand, the Youtuber commented that Winter did not let go of her phone when Aespa pronounced her speech before the United Nationssaid: “Isn’t this serious enough?“. She also made reference to dating BTS member Taehyung. Check it out below:

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