They cancel the tourist visa of the man who starred in a sex video on a balcony in Cartagena

They cancel the tourist visa of the man who starred in a sex video on a balcony in Cartagena
They cancel the tourist visa of the man who starred in a sex video on a balcony in Cartagena

After the recent events presented in the Historic Center of the city, where a couple was seen having sexual relations in view of the citizens, the district administration strongly rejected these behaviors and called for responsible and sustainable tourism.

“From Cartagena we promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Events like those that happened this weekend in the city are behaviors that we absolutely reject. We call on citizens and tourism providers so that together we set the rules of behavior in the destination”, explained Natalia Bohórquez Castilla, executive president of the Cartagena de Indias Tourism Corporation.

It was learned that this event, which occurred last Friday, July 15, was carried out by a North American citizen and a woman, apparently from Cartagena, according to the commander of the city’s Metropolitan Police, General Nicolás Zapata.

Natalia Bohórquez indicated that both the foreigner and the national were fined 416,662 pesos, as established by the Police Code.

“Two subpoena orders were made applying the National Code of Coexistence and Citizen Security in Article 33 2B, which are the behaviors that affect tranquility by carrying out acts of exhibitionism that generate annoyance to the community,” said Colonel at the time. Óscar Pachón, operational commander of the Citizen Security of the Cartagena metropolitan

In addition, in the case of the North American, from New York, Colombia Migration did not admit his visa.

“Let us know that there are sanctions that can be applied and together we can promote the tourism that we want for the city,” added the official.

Although it is not the first time that people from Cartagena have witnessed a scene like this, because in June a video was recorded by a citizen who witnessed a sexual act between a couple while they were taking a carriage ride through the streets of Cartagena, the light of the moon

The video shows that the couple was not alone, because in the car, which is pulled by a horse, three men and another woman were present. However, only the woman who wore a suit and who would be under the influence of alcohol performed the scandalous scene.

The float moved through the walled area of ​​the coastal city and, regardless of the presence of tourists, the protagonists of the video continued their nightly walk. It is worth mentioning that the couple has not yet been identified.

Likewise, At the beginning of May of this year, another similar video was released in which a couple had sexual intercourse, this time in the middle of the street in the Historic Center. Without any shame and in front of the eyes of passers-by, these citizens decided to have privacy, without thinking that the cell phone cameras were focusing on them.

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