They cancel the visa of an American recorded while having sex on a balcony in Cartagena

American citizen will not be able to re-enter Colombia for having sex on a balcony in Cartagena. (Photo: El País screenshot)

On July 15, the moment in which a couple had sexual intercourse on a balcony Cartagena. The event was recorded in the Historic Center of the capital of Bolívar, in a hotel on Calle Segunda de Badillo.

People walking down the street took out their phones and recorded the scene. In the multiple videos that flooded social networks, the couple is seen naked, caressing each other and having an active sexual practice. The scene had many spectators.

According to the commander of the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, General Nicolás Zapata, it is a North American citizen, from New York City and a woman from Cartagena. The couple must each pay one $416,662 fineColombian pesos.

“Two subpoena orders were made applying the National Code of Coexistence and Citizen Security in Article 33 2B, which are the behaviors that affect the tranquility to be carried out acts of exhibitionism that generates annoyance to the community”, declared at the time Colonel Óscar Pachón, operational commander of the Citizen Security of the Cartagena metropolitan area.

In addition, the authorities indicated that in the case of the American, from New York, Migration Colombia did not admit his visa.

The District Mayor’s Office of Cartagena rejected these acts and called on tourists to enjoy the city in a responsible manner and practice sustainable tourism:

“From Cartagena we promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Events like those that happened this weekend in the city These are behaviors that we absolutely reject.. We call on citizens and tourism providers so that together we set the rules of behavior in the destination, ”explained Natalia Bohórquez Castilla, executive president of the Cartagena de Indias Tourism Corporation, through her account in Instagram of her.

“Let us know that there are sanctions that can be applied and together we can promote the tourism that we want for the city,” the official said in the video.

This is not the first time that such an event has occurred in the Walled City, the most recent case occurred last May in the Clock Tower.

The video was also spread through social networks. In the film record it was shown that a couple was having sex in the public place of Cartagena. Leaders of the area called the attention of residents and tourists to respect the rules, as well as the authorities to sanction these people.

This article contemplates the sanction of people who carry out sexual acts or exhibitionism causing a nuisance to the community. Whoever incurs in this behavior will be subject to the application of the following corrective measures:

1. General fine type 3.

2. Warning.

It is important to keep in mind that kisses or caresses that people, regardless of their gender, skin color, sexual orientation or gender identity, express as expressions of affection, in exercise of their right to free personality development.


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