Woman who had sex on a balcony in Cartagena broke the silence and spoke about the event

Woman who had sex on a balcony in Cartagena broke the silence and spoke about the event
Woman who had sex on a balcony in Cartagena broke the silence and spoke about the event

Last weekend, passers-by and tourists who were in the Historic Center of Cartagena were spectators of the scandalous scene where a totally naked couple looks out onto a balcony that overlooks the street and, as if nothing, they begin to have intimacy.

Immediately, the spectators began to record the exhibitionist couple and once again rejected what was committed. “It became custom, what is this? Again, a couple has sex on a balcony in the historic center of Cartagena”, is heard in the video.

For its part, the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena, which was alerted to what happened, was present at the scene of the events and summoned these two people. The authorities confirmed that these acts happened last Friday, July 15.

“From Cartagena we promote responsible and sustainable tourism. Events like the ones that happened this weekend in the city are behaviors that we absolutely reject. We call on citizens and tourism providers so that together we set the rules of behavior in the destination”, explained Natalia Bohórquez Castilla, executive president of the Cartagena de Indias Tourism Corporation.

As a result of the controversy that has been generated on the subject, the woman involved in the scandal gave her testimony to the local newspaper The universaland spoke about what happened that night and about his opinion of the ‘exhibits of love’ in public.

The woman, identified as Emily Barros, 22, in the middle of the interview with the newspaper He explained that he just wanted to fulfill a sexual fantasy with the American citizen.

“Suddenly we were euphoric and like so many people who have that fantasy of having a sexual act in front of people, we had sex on the balcony of the house we rented to spend our vacations”, said Emily Barros.

The woman said that when the patrolmen arrived and showed them the video, she and her partner took responsibility for their actions. Subsequently, the authorities explained the legal consequences of what had happened. Given this, Barros was upset by the situation and one of the officers took her away from her group of friends to tell her to calm down and that they were trying to fix this in their own way.

“They took advantage of the situation, my friend had to collect the money with the rest of his colleagues. They took approximately 3 thousand dollars. The next day, other police officers arrived and since my friend had already gone to the airport, they went there to question him, but finally he was able to travel,” added Barros.

However, Colonel Óscar Pachón, operational commander of the Citizen Security of the Cartagena Metropolitan Police, announced that “Two subpoena orders were made applying the National Code of Coexistence and Citizen Security in article 33, 2 B, which are the behaviors that affect tranquility by performing acts of exhibitionism that generate annoyance to the community”.

In addition, in the case of the North American, from New York, Colombia Migration denied his visa.

On the other hand, Emily argued that a fact like this should not be given so much importance. “How are they going to engage in something as basic as a couple giving each other love?, living her love, Giving love is not a crime. Love does not steal, love does not kill, love does not hurt, love is something we all do every day. I don’t understand why they get involved in these things when there are worse things in the country, there are big crimes and the Police are simply looking for where to take advantage of,” said the young woman from Santa Marta.

This fact caused outrage in all citizens, for this reason, the Council of Cartagena asked the District Administration to take measures similar to those that have been applied in other cities of the country, where the expulsion of those who carry out this type has been requested. of acts.

For its part, the District Administration strongly rejected these behaviors and called for responsible and sustainable tourism.

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