Bajo Cauca Antioquia has another victim

Bajo Cauca Antioquia has another victim
Bajo Cauca Antioquia has another victim

María Camila Villalba disappeared overnight in Bajo Cauca, Antioquia. She was seen for the last time in the municipality of Caucasia and her relatives heard from her again when a group of relief agencies rescued her from the waters of the Nechí River, an area in dispute between the illegal Clan del Golfo and the men who remain from the Caparros.

The body of the young woman was tortured and in a high degree of decomposition. A human rights commission called the Civil Defense of El Bagre and they took a boat down the tributary. The commission reached the middle of the flow where a floating body was seen that was dragged to the urban area of ​​the town, where the National Police was waiting for it.

The judicial units picked up the victim in the sector where the boats that move through the subregion are stored. After several days of investigation, the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences established that the body did correspond to María Camila Villalbathe woman they were looking for in every corner of Bajo Cauca.

Apparently, this crime is added to the list of homicides that is being left by the confrontation between the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) and the Caparros for territorial control, who renamed themselves this year. The latter would have claimed the young woman’s murder after recording the abuse they imposed on her on video.

As the Ombudsman’s Office has denounced, in the municipalities that make up this subregion there is fear and anxiety due to the armed incursions carried out by both sides. Criminals want to be the exclusive owners of the commercialization of micro-trafficking, exploitation of mining deposits and extortion.

Since the terrain is in confrontation, the Public Ministry has documented an increase in mass displacements, selective homicides and recruitment of young people to become counterweights. In the month of August, about 17 people who were threatened by one of the two organizations left the municipality of El Bagre.

The criminals have a document where the names of the alleged collaborators of each side appear. In publications published on social networks, they are warned that they must leave the territory or face the consequences. In the midst of the shooting, innocent people who shared the surnames with one of the enlisted have died.

The echoes of peace have not reached this corner of Antioquia. The congressmen of the Historical Pact have raised their voices due to the wave of violence to which the populations of Caucasia, Zaragoza, El Bagre and Nechí are being subjected because there are high probabilities of human rights violations. One of them is representative Susana Boreal, who was moved by Villalba’s murder.

“In El Bagre, Bajo Cauca Antioqueño, the young María Camila Espitia Villalba was savagely tortured and recorded in a video that was sent to her relatives. It is not possible for us to continue allowing unrestrained violence, it is urgent that we build peace. There are already 37 homicides in the municipality of El Bagre this year,” said the congresswoman.

To deal with emergencies, the Government of Antioquia ordered to double the presence of the Public Force and deliver millionaire rewards for the visible heads of criminal organizations that are sowing terror in the region. For example, she is willing to hand over $100,000,000 for alias Negro Cristián, alleged leader of the Caparros.

If it rains in Bajo Cauca, in northeast Antioquia it does not clear: the communities are in the middle of the crossfire of the Clan del Golfo and the National Liberation Army (ELN). The authorities also ordered the installation of a unified command post for life in order to attend to the needs of civilians.

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