Who ordered the assassination in which father and daughter died in Cartagena?

Who ordered the assassination in which father and daughter died in Cartagena?
Who ordered the assassination in which father and daughter died in Cartagena?

Sportsman all his life, 42-year-old merchant and member of the community of the municipality of Sahagún (Córdoba) in Cartagena.

That was Jaime Antonio Llorente Arcia, murdered along with the second of his three daughters, Alejandra Llorente Salazar, on the afternoon of Thursday, November 3, moments after picking up the girls at the Biffi School, in the La Providencia neighborhood.

The gunmen on motorcycles approached Llorente when his daughters had already gotten into the truck he was driving, a white Toyota with JHU-754 plates, and were approaching the traffic light that divides the flow of vehicles to the Bomba del Gallo or the Calf neighborhood.

Llorente was shot twice and died on the spot. Alejandra, an 11-year-old sixth-grade student, was shot in the abdomen and died shortly after, at 4:40 pm, while undergoing surgery at the Madre Bernarda clinic.

His older sister, 12, was unharmed; and her youngest, 9, was hit in the leg and is still hospitalized.

The merchant’s relatives confirmed to the Police that Jaime Llorente had not received threats and that they have no knowledge of what the origin of the attack could be.

General Nicolás Zapata, commander of the Metropolitan, said at a press conference held at the District Mayor’s Office that, in effect, Jaime Llorente had no judicially documented threats or notes.

The officer ruled out that although the two assassins who participated in the double homicide belong to a structure of the Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia or Clan del Golfo, the attack against Llorente is not related to organized crime, nor to matters that would have to do with drug traffic.

Another of the hypotheses that were evaluated in this case, such as extortion, has been ruled out as the investigations have progressed.

What General Zapata is clear about is that the two assassins are fully identified and would be known by the aliases ‘el Johncito’ and ‘el Menor’. For them, the District Mayor increased to 100 million pesos for information that allows to find their whereabouts.

Research indicates that these subjects are residents of neighborhoods in the south east of the city; It seems that those would be Nuevo Paraíso and El Pozón.

“Our investigations are now focused on specifying who were the determiners of this case, who ordered the crime and who hired the assassins,” the general noted.

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