Strengthen actions to prevent violence against women

Strengthen actions to prevent violence against women
Strengthen actions to prevent violence against women

At the central headquarters of the University of Nariño, the event called Violet Figures Report was held with the aim of making visible the statistics on gender violence that occurs both in the department and in the city of Pasto.

This event is part of the program for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, which is commemorated tomorrow.

The event was led by UN Women and the Nariño Gender Observatory. The official of the UN Women sub-office in Nariño, Diana Carolina Hidalgo, said that this report gives an account of the situation suffered by women and girls within their social circles.

According to data from the Gender Observatory, in Pasto, between 2016 and 2021, there were 6,643 cases of violence against women; while in Nariño there were 58 murders of women, of which 31 were classified as femicides.

It also indicated that 35% of gender violence is sexual, 7% psychological, 35% physical violence, and 13% neglect and abandonment.

For their part, in 2021 on average every day two women were victims of violence in Pasto, totaling 1,125 cases. Similarly, 69.3% of cases of violence occur within the home and 15.5% occur on public roads.

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The director of the Nariño Gender Observatory, Víctor Guerrero, specified that these figures are analyzed within the home scenario, political scenarios and in the citizenship scenario.

According to the official, this work is intended to have an impact on the design of public policies and that grassroots organizations are aware of these situations in order to establish actions in favor of women.

“This report crosses official figures and allows us to show an increase in violence against women and the need to strengthen inter-institutional care for these cases. The objective is that in Nariño and Pasto they know the figures so that those in charge of making decisions do so in a political way. These figures must be used by government entities to generate actions, plans, programs that address these cases,” Hidalgo said.

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