Request for implementation of a sponsored note for Aguas de Manizales

Request for implementation of a sponsored note for Aguas de Manizales
Request for implementation of a sponsored note for Aguas de Manizales


Since its institutionalization in 1996, the public service company, Aguas de Manizales SAESP-BICbegan its task of conserving water sources, as well as refining the purification processes, extension of networks, to guarantee not only the quality of water that reaches the community, but also to align with the conservation of the environment.

For this reason, it is currently the first company that provides residential public aqueduct and sewage services to be a collective benefit and interest society —BIC— which means that in addition to generating economic value, is responsible to society and the environment.

What does it mean to be BIC?

The manager of Aguas de Manizales, Omar Nova Hainautexplained that having this distinction will allow the company to continue betting on the development of community-friendly and sustainable practices.

“Being BIC represents an opportunity in our history to continue building and contributing to the development of our region and our country, through more social, equitable and of course more sustainable actions”, explained.

Likewise, he revealed that the company will act in accordance with what it represents to have this title, “This commits us and mobilizes us to be participants in the transformation of our environmental and social environment”, Nova added.

Consequently, the company acts in the five dimensions of sustainability focused on its business model, corporate governance, labor practices, environmental practices and practices with the community.

How has it impacted the community?

Aguas de Manizales is committed to the guidelines of this new generation of companies and intends to have a positive impact on the economy, without neglecting the communities and the environment. Acting in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals —SDGs—, which bring benefits at the national and international level.

For this reason, the company’s assistant manager of sustainability, Natalia Escobar Santander, explained that Aguas de Manizales, “It has been working for the sustainability of the raw material of life, always supporting the protection of water resources for our city.”

Escobar assured that they ratify their “community engagement through programs and projects which are executed frequently in different sectors of Manizales”.

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