A hundred trees ‘saved’ from La Magdalena for their “second chance”

A hundred trees ‘saved’ from La Magdalena for their “second chance”
A hundred trees ‘saved’ from La Magdalena for their “second chance”

From the City Council it is insisted that this action “is necessary to allow the installation of the new trees and the creation of green areas” in the future project “great metropolitan park”, work paralyzed since September. The specimens will be located on Buen Pastor street, Ardila road, Constitución avenue and La Casería.

While the ambitious transformation work of La Magdalena, in San Fernando, into a “great metropolitan park” remains practically paralyzed (although the deadlines are running, and it must be executed before 2024 to be paid for with European funds from EDUSI), the City Council has started the work of extraction, transfer and planting of part of the existing trees in the fairgrounds and that “annoys” to develop the proposed project.

At first the elimination of these specimens was planned, but the mayor Patricia Cavada “saved” them: she requested that they be given a new life. In this way, a “second chance” is guaranteed to that woodland.

In total, as progressed months ago, a total of 115 trees (mainly ficus species) are going to be transplanted. This woodland, despite a current unsuitable substrate (since they were planted directly on fill material used to cover the old La Magdalena salt pan, and for which rubble and general garbage were mainly used), is generally found in good condition and therefore its transplantation to other areas of the city is considered “a necessary environmental measure, and even more so in the climate emergency situation in which we find ourselves.”

The transplant of specimens will allow the regeneration of other spaces or areas that demand an increase in green areas. Specifically, the beneficiary areas are the following: Buen Pastor street, La Batería de La Ardila road, Constitución avenue and the area around La Casería beach. However, depending on the evolution of the works, new locations may be defined or increased, noted in the statement sent to DIARIO Bahía de Cádiz.

For its part, the La Magdalena remodeling project, in which some 7.3 million euros are initially invested, contemplates the planting of 8,568 new trees, “which will have a huge environmental impact and will increase the ratio of trees per inhabitant”, stand out from the local government of PSOE and Ciudadanos.


The works of this “great park” began at the end of May with some eight months of delay on the planned and announced initial date. And since September they have been suspended.

With the work in progress, it was verified “a significant disparity in the land (an old filled salt pan) between the points where the project’s tastings were carried out and others in which the areas are more degraded.”

This implies that the facultative direction is reviewing the original project to adapt it to the reality of the soil from new tastings. In this way, everything indicates that a modification of the project will be needed, and consequently, the extra cost of the action.

This future “multifunctional space”, which will become the largest park on the island (with more than 125,000 square metres), contemplates an endowment of “quality” public spaces with walks through which you can walk next to the pipes (paseo maritime), landscaped areas, green spaces, children’s games, picnic areas, areas for hotels and others for commercial activities, an open-air auditorium (the so-called ‘Shipyard’, with a capacity of up to 1,000 people, located in front of the Real Carenero), sports areas and even for recreation of pets. In addition, the project will involve the adaptation of a new fairground that will be integrated into the urban park itself.

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