Indigenous student planted almost two thousand trees in La Plata, Huila

Indigenous student planted almost two thousand trees in La Plata, Huila
Indigenous student planted almost two thousand trees in La Plata, Huila

Tayu Freyman Lectamo Huitascue, an eleventh grade student at the Casa Grande Yu Luucx Pishau Educational Institution from the Juan Tama indigenous reservation in the municipality of La Plata, recovered a water source from this town in western Huila.

A total of 1,700 trees were planted around the El Roble lagoon in Santa Leticia de Moscopán by the young Tayu, a member of the Juan Tama indigenous reservation.

“For the Naza people, sacred spaces are fundamental, because it identifies us as peoples who care for nature, as the protectors of Mother Earth. That is why my first objective was to strengthen this 500 square meter space, as a form of identity”, explained the eleventh grade student of the Casa Grande Educational Institution Yu Luucx Pishau.

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It is worth noting that forest material, such as Urapán, Aliso, Arrayán, El Cedro and El Pendo, with which the area where the lagoon used by the community is located was reforested Juan Tama for his ancestral ceremonies, was born mostly from a seedbed, which was devised by the same student in a research exercise where environmental awareness is worked on.

“This is a space where we must be with a lot of respect. My work in El Roble, since ninth grade, is after school, to go clean the trees and keep the poles safe and therefore guarantee the protection of the place”, explained the young leader of the environmental project.

PRAE is a political work

Yeny Mildred Guejia Palomino, rector in charge of the Casa Grande Yu Luucx Pishau Institution commented that the PRAE School Environmental Project, more than research or environmental work, has become a political work of reaffirmation from the community educational project.

“This student seeing the need to reforest with native trees of our community, began to work on a manual of harmony and balance to protect this space, indicating some natural norms, pointing out what should and should not be done, for that reason In this way, the project has a very important meaning as a life plan”, the teacher stressed.

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