Mommy?! 5 (Scary) Facts About Homelander From ‘The Boys’

The final episode of the third season is not yet released TheBoysY Amazon Prime Video already confirmed the fourth installment. But in reality, it is not a surprise, since it is about one of the most successful series inside the platform and one of the best productions for television in recent years (it premiered in 2019).

But what is the secret of its success? First, take advantage of the relationship audiences for the narratives around superheroesbut it gives it a 180-degree turn by presenting contrasting and raw characters within a reality that we recognize more in the face of our need for consumption (capitalism, then).

The Boys / Photo: Akiva Griffith/ Amazon Prime Video

We have to mention the source material in the comics with a universe developed by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson that crosses any line between violence, brutality and horror. But above all, the success of TheBoys It is found in their characters and their development.

The creator of the series, Eric Kripke, He has not been afraid to present the most brutal parts, and has dared to make the necessary changes based on the small screen. For example, I give into some radical variations like Madelyn Stillwell’s gender swap, but also into subtle details that exploit the full potential of the character.

Image: Amazon Prime Video

Who is Homelander?

And what better example of this than Homelanderthe main antagonist of TheBoys both in the comics and in the series. Without a doubt, he is one of the most complex characters in this story (and in the world of superheroes, for that matter) that contains a lot of contexts that are worth talking about to predict the progress of the series.

It’s kind of Superman, and perhaps he is one of the most powerful superheroes in history– Flies, has X-ray vision, super hearing, a lot of strength, and is practically indestructible. He is leader of The Seven, the elite group of Vought International heroes who were not only out to “save” the world, but to promote the company’s products, including themselves.

But behind his facade, he hides several perversions related to his complicated childhood, his lack of human connections, his need for approval and admiration, and the fact that despite being the most powerful person in the world (physically speaking), can’t control anything in his life… and that makes him the weakest character of all.

Anthony Starr as Homelander in 'The Boys'
Anthony Starr as Homelander in ‘The Boys’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Necrophilia? Homelander? Yes

In the series of TheBoys show quite well that Homelander is a disturbed guy with a lot of mommy issues. His relationship with Madelyn Stillwell of Vought International, and his obsession with breast milk is the proof of it. Despite having other characters with deplorable sexual attitudes (such as Translucent going into women’s bathrooms), Homelander is particularly obnoxious.

However. In the production of Amazon Prime Video, we see these strange and uncomfortable behaviors. But in the comic… this is nothing. Homelander, it turns out, is a sex addict and has a specific affiliation: having sex with corpses. And it’s not just any corpse, but those that are killed by Homelander himself.

To give you an idea, in the comic of TheBoys, Homelander assassinates the President of the United States, decapitates him, and has sex with the head. Without a doubt, this villain is one of the most impressive not only in the world of comics and superheroes, but in general.

Image from 'The Boys' #65
Image from ‘The Boys’ #65 / Photo: Dynamite

Who was his mom?

Homelander was raised in a laboratorywe know that well thanks to the television production of TheBoys. This explains a lot of things about his behavior and his place in history (and his relationship with Stillwell and breast milk, no doubt).

However, it was not created in Vought’s labs. A woman gave birth to Homelander, but she was manipulated into giving in to the scientists’ experiments with Compound V. This woman, who had mental health problems, was injected with some of this serum while she was pregnant. And it gets better: the part of the father, came from Stormfront. BOOM!

Stormfront in 'The Boys' comic
Stormfront in the ‘The Boys’ comic / Photo: Dynamite

They have to know that Stormfront, in the comics, is a man, and he doesn’t get involved in the same way he does in the series (neither his relationship with Homelander nor his death at Ryan’s hands). Therefore, Homelander is the son of the first superhero created by Compound V.

From the effects of the injection, is that his mother dies after giving birth. This only made it easier for Vought to take Homelander as their property and they could make him the most powerful person on the planet. What they did not consider, evidently, is that the lack of love could turn him into a true sociopath. And the results are there.

Homelander in 'The Boys'
Homelander in ‘The Boys’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Homelander’s weakness is…himself

Speaking of the lack of affection and family in Homelander’s childhood, the question arises: Is there anything that can destroy this character? The answer is yes, and it precisely parallels its development. But here we have two answers: one physical and one emotional.

psychologically speaking, Homelander is the weakest character in this universe. Anthony Starr himself, who plays him in the series, has said so. So that the greatest weakness of this subject is his human part; feeling vulnerable is a risk factor for Homelander that has put him in check both in the comic and in the series. In addition, he is so seeking approval (that he did not have as a child), that losing people’s attention is the scariest thing.

Homeland in the first episode of 'The Boys'
Homeland in the first episode of ‘The Boys’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

As for his physical qualities, it is more complicated than saying that he is invincible. Leaving aside some aspects such as his X-ray vision not being functional with zinc, Homelander is virtually impossible to kill, at least not by “traditional” means.

As he grew up, the scientists at Vought’s lab were so frightened by the powers he had acquired, that they they built a hydrogen bomb to stop it. But it’s not enough. for what they did a Homelander clone, the only one who can face it. And who is it? BlackNoire.

In the comic, this character kills Homelander during a fight after the villain learns of the existence of his clone (he committed horrible crimes posing as Homelander). In terms of the series TheBoysit is difficult to know if Black Noir will take relevance in this way, but let’s not forget that it exists Ryan, the son he had with Becca, and who was born, without the need for artificial accessories, with the same powers as Homelander.

Black Noir in 'The Boys'
Black Noir in ‘The Boys’ / Photo: Dynamite

The (created) versions of your source

In the series, TheBoys reveal to the world that superheroes are not born, but are made. Since the creation of Compound V during the Nazi invasion, the great secret of the existence of superheroes such as a marketing product by Vought International.

Soon, the world learns that an injection is enough to create superheroes, and these are not as special as they had been led to believe. It is clear to us, in this case, Homelander’s past and how being the most powerful, he couldn’t grow up in a regular household like Starlight or A-Train.

So Vought’s marketing arm, He created a perfect story of the American dream to talk about Homelander’s childhood. But the company goes further and invented a story in which Homelander fell from the sky, and he is actually an alien. As is, the very narrative of Superman that distances him from humans.

Homelander with Stillwell in 'The Boys'
Homelander with Stillwell in ‘The Boys’ / Photo: Amazon Prime Video

Homelander’s lack of identity

Most superheroes keep a balance in his life from the existence of two identities. one is like ordinary civilians, with a name and surname like Peter Parker or Annie January. and the other is his alter ego like Spider-Man or Starlight. The relationship between both identities may or may not be public.

But without any doubt, this helps the characters maintain a balance that, while fragile, it is quite helpful. This does not happen with Homelander, whom we always see him dressed in his suit and answering to the name of superhero. Other than that, he appears to be nobody, and that’s a problem.

In the comics of TheBoys, sometimes he goes by the name John, but other than that (which isn’t much), Homelander is just Homelander. Does not have no romantic connections, no friends, no family. His past was built in a laboratory and has strange dependencies due to that lack of contact. This has brought him to a frightening point in both the series and the comics.

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